Custom Web Applications

PHP Programming:

PHP is the most widely used opensource technology which give developer many innovative functions that make any web application better and faster. It is a very robust and easy programming language all over the internet world.

When PHP club with MySQL database, it go incredible combination and make any web applications or website extraordinary capable. At Mpathy we have industry top level developers with years of experience who convert your thoughts into reality.

Custom Application Development

We do what we are good in, we are coding PHP since decades and we have specialised development team on PHP and other opensource which eventually go with PHP like LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) and Jquery and AJAX.

Advantages of PHP:

  • Object Oriented
  • MVC support
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • It helps in managing code easily
  • Accessible Support
  • Easy Integration of Third Party Tools/plugins
  • Multiple Frameworks
  • Fast and Speed browser rendering
  • Runs on any OS – UNIX, Linux or Windows

We help you to get the right solution at right price.

Our Development Process:

Digital agency Flow

We are helping different vertical industries to grow their business with our digital services for:

In today’s fast-growing world, the competition is sky touching in any industry. So, without digital transformation or without using online presence it is something difficult to achieve expected results or goals. Irrespective of the size of your organization you must be presence on digital world to cater your target audience. This is for reaching out the customers very efficiently and effectively.

For small scale business entities, we help them to expose their products and services in a systematic planned way through website or a mobile app. We do general analysis to content writing to maintenance services for them.
We make sure your identity will become an established BRAND with our expertise web development services.

Being different is a very important in this digital era with great online presence, not only being different but also being real content king when users are searching for their required information. We build big corporate websites and maintain the same to keep that updated time to time to ensure all modern elements, new technologies getting infused in the website and it never go out of date.

If you are in business and not happy with the revenue what your offline business is generating? We will help you to fly online store with our expert e-commerce team which eventually help you to bifold your revenue in very let time. We provide a small e-store solution to high end B2C and B2B e-commerce portals.

Our expert team will ensure of your web store security and data protection with highest level of security implementation and also, we ensure of best suitable payment gateway integrated in your site, so users will not get any point distraction.

One more important aspect is usability and user experience, which we are master of it so you need not to be worried at all. We implement best state of the are design and simplicity in user experience that engage the user for sure with hidden interest.

Apart from corporate and business websites, we focus over Bio and Portfolio websites which are being very essential in today’s world for distributing the information on fingertip. We provide personalised domain specific designs to our clients to ensure their competency highlighted in an impressive style.

The bio or portfolio websites are in trending and on high demand now a days.

We build robust custom applications using industry best programming practices, standard coding guidelines and with latest frameworks. We ensure it should be business driven and user focused with highly secured, optimized and future scalable.

The development process is a well-planned execution which required many brainstorming sessions, detailed user requirement study involved complete team of designers, developers, testers and management personal. Irrespective of application type we adopt best practices throughout the development life cycle.
We adopt both waterfall and agile development process with onsite or offshore development process based on client requirements.

Typically, once your website become old and outdated you may require a latest and the best one to boost your business. When you are upgrading your website, you should know the latest trend & technology which should be a futuristic and flexible enough to do the required modification and enhancements easily at any point of time.
@Mpathy we do migrations from old platforms to new reliable and futuristic technologies with effective user experience and beautiful responsive interfaces.

What we upgrade:

• Static websites TO CMS based website
• Outdated design TO Brand new UI
• Non-Responsive TO Responsive
• WordPress old versions TO New
• Magento old TO New
• Drupal old TO New
• .Net TO WordPress/PHP
• WordPress/PHP TO .Net
• Hosting Server Change
• CMS Platform Change

The most challenging factor in the internet/online is DESIGN, if your website/application/Mobile App design is not attractive and easy to use it is of no use. The same way it’s applicable for offline/print media, if your collateral is not able to covey what you want to pass the information, it may affect your brand value and also it is a financial loss too in other way.
@Mpathy we undertake all kind of revamping from logo to complete branding, a small static website to large portals, e-commerce sites, web applications and print media sources which will eventually very valuable for any organization brand identity.

It is something similar like painting your home and keep it clean and neat always. When you keep your home clean and neat it is obviously seizing the attention of visitors and they love to visit again and again similarly if you keep your website/Applications maintained with duration it makes lot of difference in user centric and user satisfaction. More details about Maintenance & Support please visit our Maintenance and Support page.